Tiffany Griffin
  • Union Representative
  • 312-733-2999
  • As a Union Representative of Local UFCW 1546, Tiffany is both diligent in her position and committed to her career as a Union Representative. She joined the Local over 20 years ago where she first started her career from a well respected meat packing facility.  Tiffany worked her way through the ranks from being a common laborer to a butcher, from that position she moved up to be a department Lead, and from there on to a Union Steward. 

    Tiffany’s main area of specialization is serving her members by providing and defending an employee of an organization. Tiffany has spent many years engaging in collective bargaining on behalf of the union member working to achieve good wages, and benefits that the entire employee base live with. Tiffany has participated in contract negotiations as a Union Representative to meet at the bargaining table with management and present what they believe are the best options for working conditions. Tiffany has volunteered in fundraisers to raise awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma in which she has taken pride in participating in as often as possible.  She is always looking for ways to involve the rank and file members to become more active in union activities.