Robert W. O'Toole
  • President & International V.P.
  • 312-733-2999
  • Mr. O’Toole began his union affiliation in 1984 while working as a stock clerk at a local retail drug store that was represented by the UFCW.  He moved from there to the warehousing and distribution center where in addition to his job responsibilities he served as a Union Steward for the local union for several years.  In 1996 Mr. O’Toole launched his career in the labor movement as he became a Union Representative.  He later served Local 1546 as the Recorder before becoming President.

    Mr. O’Toole has extensive experience in representing members, organizing and negotiating contracts.  In addition to his responsibilities as President he also serves on the boards of three Health and Welfare Funds (two as Chairman) and two Pension Funds (one as Chairman).