South Division Credit Union

The Membership Difference

That’s right, 88 million Americans belong to and own America’s credit unions.  At a credit union, you’re not a customer.  You’re a Member/Owner.  And you’re part of this large and growing group of families joined together with other families as owners of their own credit unions.

South Division Credit Union belongs to you – it’s your money, your assets and your financial institution.  We’re NOT-FOR-PROFIT, we’re for our members.  Our goal is serving your family’s financial needs and future – not some bank’s profits.

And unlike the world of profit-driven banks, we’re dedicated to educating our members about finances and providing the very best financial products and services their families need to live smarter, wealthier and more financially secure lives than the typical consumer.

We may be ordinary people, but the result is extraordinary.  Together we can do anything.

Savings for Family, Home and Everyone

The most extraordinary result of Membership is that unlike a typical bank, we’re committed to helping our members save.  “Pay Yourself First” by saving regularly is an important part of our common bond.  The funds we lend to one another is our money, not outside ‘investors’.

And as our pool of funds grows, so we, our families and our community grow, compounding this steady accumulation of wealth through dividends earned from the interest income we pay one another when borrowing.  So we educate members as to the importance of saving money.  That is how we grow as individuals, as families and as a group.

Smart Saving Habits at Every Age

Because personal savings is such an integral part of our contract with one another, we’re dedicated to helping everyone develop smarter money habits.  Our nationally recognized and award-winning Kid’s Club and Student’s First Accounts begin this learning process at an early age.  For adults, we can help set up regular Payroll Deduction Savings and explain the benefits and tax advantages of Individual Retirement Accounts.  When needed, we can even provide personal credit or budget counseling.

Member Services Overview

At South Division Credit Union, you’ll find all the financial services you and your family need.  You’ll also find friendly, helpful service from our staff of financial professionals.

Higher yields on Savings

  • Share Accounts (passbook savings)
  • Insured Money Market Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Holiday Club or Vacation Club Accounts

Convenient Checking

  • A Full line of FREE Checking Products and Services, including ATM/CheckCard Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Online Bill Pay, ATM Network and Student Accounts
  • Payroll Deduction / Direct Deposit

Better rates on Loans

  • Affordable Auto, Personal, Home Equity & 1st Mortgage loans along with insurance coverages for family safety
  • VISA Platinum & Platinum Preferred Accounts with a low fixed rate, no default rates, free cash advances and VISA Rewards programs.

Convenience Services

  • 24-Hour account access with TeleVoice and our informative, educational Website
  • MATRIX21, our FREE online banking system – securely manage your money, pay your bills, transfer funds between financial institutions, view canceled checks and more, 24/7.

Just for Kids

We offer our nationally recognized Kid’s Club and a Student’s First programs.  Both are great ways to teach your kids good money habits that will last a lifetime.


We offer a whole host of additional valuable services, from Gift Cards and Travelers Cheques to Discount Movie Tickets, postage, no-fee notary services and more.

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